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    At present we provide two vocabularies: Lithology vocabulary and the chrono-stratigraphy used in maps for the Czech and Slovak region. Lithology is based on survey's wide used codebook The codification like 000, 110 has the inner structure: 000-099 are loose sediments, 100-199 are consolidated sediments, 300-399 are vulcanites e.t.c...

    In the stratigraphy all identifiers begin with "SX" which means something like "Stratigraphy extended" and continue with the code similar to ISChart notification (with regional specific terms for Bohemian Massive and West Carpathians ). It contains the English terminology translated by the geological specialist (not by me). To avoid the mis-interpretation we assume that all real GeoSCiML items will be provided with a non-structural text description in English.

    Lithology June 2009

    Czech nad Slovak Lithology (the link opens a new window with XML-document containing the vocabulary). The exact URL of this document is

    Stratigraphy June 2009

    Czech and Slovak Stratigraphy (the link opens a new window with XML-document containing the vocabulary). The ULR for this vocabulary is

    We are planning to add more information according to WP3 recommendation for compulsory attributes in the legend - genetic, fault and line description, compound material etc. We expect that when there exists some common international categorization we will be able to convert to it easily. See also the used database scheme in Documentation - GeoSciML section on this site

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