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    This site publishes the Czech and Slovak overview geological maps in the environment of the Internet using web services. To make it comprehensive and usable for the non-IT specialists, it adds the following written material and supports viewing the map services using the ordinary web browser. The WMS and WFS downloading services usually require a client for rendering the published data.

    The following browsers are supported: Mozzilla Firefox, version 2, 3 and higher, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 and higher (in version 6 the main map viewer is available, but some features are not available)

    Relevant documentation to this project is divided into the following parts:

    .Czech Project 341800 The Common Overview Geological Map of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic of the Standard OGC/CGI/IWG in the environment of the Internet
    .Map as a GeoSciML document A short description of the subset the GeoSciML which was used for the description of the map legend.
    .Technical description and software components A summary of the used software. All used software with the exception of the operational system is freely redistributable.
    All the materials are in progress. This is at present only a draft

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